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What I have learned from NTFM….

Hello Readers!

In the words of Frank Sinatra “And now the end is near”. Yes I am afraid it’s time to call it a day with this blog but before I go altogether I would like to share some things that I have learned from New Technologies for Marketers.

Marketing is an ever changing field. It is important for marketers to understand this as people’s  interests are fickle so what may have done the job today might not do it tomorrow. The best example of this is the rise of watching T.V. shows via mobile devices or PCs. As we all well and truly know TV ads are a pain so we generally ignore them. But a creative ad can be very well received and even praised. Now with watching show on the internet ads are nearly left out altogether, some sites show them others don’t. It is proving difficult to combat this new era of television.

On the other hand social media can prove to be a gold mind if used effectively. Trending on Twitter, Likes on your Facebook page or going Viral on YouTube are all things internet marketers strive to achieve. But why stop there? There are plenty of social networking sites that can be targeted. It really all depends on your product/ service, understanding of your target market and most importantly the strength of your imagination.

Technology is ever changing in this world of ours, it’s evolving. Like species of all plants and animals we must evolve with it in order to survive that too can be related with marketing staying current is key as to not be left behind .

So with this being my final blog I must wish you good luck and hope that you have enjoyed reading.

Tank you very much!

#Addicted to Twitter.


Hello readers! Today I will be looking into our obsession with the world of twitter.

7 years ago we where introduced to a new site called Twitter, who knew it would become such a huge player in the social media market. This video will give us a review of of the growth of Twitter in recent times. The idea behind Twitter is that it’s a “micro-blogging” site. The micro side of it comes from the fact each entry has to less than 140 characters which lets people get straight to the point. Twitter is a place where we can see snippets into other people’s lives and what their opinions are.

What really helped Twitter explode was it being used by celebrities. It gave them a platform to openly communicate with their fans and for the fans to contact them. Obviously with this there is a downside but it does provide for some excellent entrainment. It levels things out making everyone more accessible. Barriers are broken down so that things of course can be more social.But the main thing that helped Twitter along is the growth in mobile internet devices such as tablets and smart phones. The Twitter app and mobile site made it much more easy and instant to tweet about what is happening right there and then. Again there is a downside……with tweets being easier to send there are more of them making it hard to find the good ones. Looking at this graph we can see 2/5 tweets are just pointless verbal diarrhoea . But surely this raises the value of the good tweets?

Our addiction with twitter is just to find out something that has value to us. It has become a new source of information and news to us. With the volume of tweets being sent it seems that we can always find something new and interesting which leads us it checking to all of the time.

Thanks for reading!

Surfing the web in a filter bubble.


Hi All!,

Today I will be talking about the “Filter Bubble” that we experience on the net.

The internet was brought to us to allow all of us to interact with PCs around the world making it easier to connect with people and share ideas. With the “world-wide-web” the world became a smaller place and far off land where much more accessible. But now it seems we are reverting back to our small communities. They way we use search engines has altered in recent times. If we look at Facebook we see that it is much more tailored to what Facebook thinks are our interests. While this may be a good thing as we are more interested in what is happening in our lives rather than others it does give a sort of tunnel vision effect on what we see. Now obviously there is benefits to having a tailored news feed but there is a problem if we have little say in what is happening.  The real worry is that it happening with Google searches. Again a little bit of a filter bubble is handy, take sports for example, if we are searching for sport here in Ireland we expect to see G.A.A., Rugby and soccer not basketball and baseball. The downfall has been a result of it being to invasive. What device you use, where you are what time of the day it is can all alter the results of what you are looking for.  A standard set of results has disappeared leaving it as a little bit of a lottery of what you expect to see. It’s all a little unnerving as you expect a bit consistency. For a well-rounded view-point check out this TED talk video in which Eli Pariser speaks about THE FILTER BUBBLE.

Thanks for reading!

Is Facebook taking over our lives???


Hello Readers,

I’ve been asked a simple question in recent times and it’s if Facebook is taking over our lives? Short answer is YES! In fact social media is having a massive impact on every aspect of our lives. It has become inescapable in our daily lives. Social media provides a platform for people to interact through the internet which has proven to be very popular and indeed very useful.

Facebook’s original objection was comparing people’s photos to see which one was “hotter”. Then it was used as a way that Harvard students could share notes and was used as a study tool exclusive to Harvard students. Now it has become accessible to everyone and has become a way to stay in contact with friends.

Facebook has added other features such as games, video chat etc. to keep it fresh and current and it has now become a huge corner-stone in what we do on the internet. If we just ask ourselves what is the first thing we search for on the internet the vast majority would say Facebook. It has become the new addiction. Now Facebook has almost become people’s entire lives. The obsession of what is going on in other people’s lives is nothing new. The days of calling over to a friend to find out the latest gossip has just evolved into doing it via web. It has become a source of news of and information that is almost rivaling the bigger news corporations like CNN and the BBC. Facebook has almost become Mecca for those looking for the latest in every aspect of life.

It is the place to find out what is happening in your social circle and in the wider world  So why go anywhere else? Facebook has really become a THE place to find out what’s happening and show people what’s happening in your life.



Apps are dead……Long live mobile marketing!!!


Hello fellow marketers!, This is a blog entry about the superiority of mobile websites over the app.

With smart phones and tablets becoming more widely available the internet is becoming more mobile. People are using the internet on the go but as they are on the go they have different needs. They need high speed interactivity and websites that can adjust to them using a smaller device. So the main problem is that websites that look good on a desktop don’t necessarily work on phones or tablets. The initial way companies combated this problem was threw the use of apps but they do come with problem. Apps are only really useful if they are used in a constant basis such as twitter’s app, Facebook’s, new apps, banking apps or whatever else is relevant to you. Also some apps can be used without connection to the internet, take  games for example.

Apps have some good characteristics but overall designing a website specific to mobiles will have a huge bonus. Some key advantages are that mobile websites are instant in that you don’t have to wait to download them, they will work on all mobile devices(No need to make specific changes for the App store or Google play), the website can be easily updated rather than getting consumers to update the app themselves. In terms of cost, whether it’s spending time or money, mobile websites are the way to go. They are easier to maintain and are most cost effective to set up. Another advantage is that you can access the website threw all mobile channels instead of having to download an app to all your devices. Lastly and in my mind most importantly is that the mobile website can be the app! It can have all the same features as an app but less of the draw backs. That alone out powers the once mighty app.

The link here show how different companies use mobile websites and also show different ways mobile sites can be set up and operate.

This article shows how far smart phones have come and has other interesting facts.

In this article it highlights that apps are set to decrease according to ABI researchers.

This video gives us an insight into how mobile websites work and what is expected of them.